Long story short, that was the lot number of our house. We watched the land turn from “Lot 116” to “our home”. This is the place where our lives began, it’s where we had our first child, it’s where we live, it’s where we play, and it’s where we work….it surrounds everything we do.

Like most photographers, it started out as a hobby for me. I always had a camera in hand, and even though for a long time it was just a point and shoot, people were always telling me I needed to start my own photography business.  Once our daughter was born (in 2005), my photo taking spiraled out of control. I took hundreds upon hundreds of photos, and never left the house without a camera.
I didn’t want to miss a moment….especially since kids are only that little once.

One day I picked up a REAL camera and started shooting away. Next thing I knew, friends were asking me to take photos for them. A few weeks later, I took photos for my first real client (in 2007)…..and it was a snowball effect after that. I was able to quit my job of 5 years (working in the skate/snow industry for DC Shoes), and do what i’ve always dreamt of……owning my own business, all while being there for my family each and every day.  10 years later, i’m still doing what I love…….capturing the bond between families, those first precious days with a newborn, the amazing and gorgeous glow of pregnancy, those silly and goofy faces from little ones, that crazy love between couples, and basically all of the little things that make YOUR lives amazing.

I have the most supportive and loving husband in the world, a daughter who is our everything, and 1 old grandma of a dog (a pug named Macy). My family is my life, and I want to enjoy them just as much as you enjoy yours, so I only take on a limited number of sessions per month.

I look forward to meeting you and capturing those moments you never want to forget!

– Julie Jamieson Cruz