Happy 4th Of July... / by Julie Cruz

I know i'm a few days early, but I figured that most people will be out and about this weekend (and Monday), so i'm posting early....

So I guess this is the part when I tell you all of the things that worked against us while shooting ;) For starters, I had ordered her that romper and it was supposed to be delivered in time, but then I received notification that there was an issue with UPS, and everyones orders had been delayed and weren't going to make it until AFTER 4th of July. Great. I thought about using something else, but I already had this envisioned in my head (I was going for a retro "Shirley Temple Good Ship Lollipop"-ish theme). Then I remembered that my friend (who is also PJ's awesome agent at Zuri Model and Talent) Lindsay's little girl, Ivy, had one! The problem? Ivy is 2...and hers is a size 4 (and designer brands always tend to run a little small)! PJ is 6...and typically wearing a size 5/6. So we headed over to Lindsay's and tried it on. A little snug (basically height-wise)...but it fit! Good enough for some STANDING shots LOL. So yeah, that was the first battle. Then there was the wind. PJ's hair was in her face non stop, the flag was flying the wrong way, the sun was in and out of clouds every few minutes...and the icing on the cake was going back to the car and seeing that a flock of seagulls had a crapfest all over the car ;) HA!

Anyway, it was a quick 10-15 minute shoot and worked out pretty well (considering).

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July. Please be safe out there....and have fun! :)