Luca (age 2)... / by Julie Cruz

When I first met Luca, he was just 11 days old. He was this tiny newborn baby that had the most amazing hair, skin, lips, eyes....ok, well pretty much everything! He was quite possibly one of the most perfect newborns I have met. Last year he had just turned one, and at that shoot, he wasn't quite walking yet, so pictures were a breeze. Well Luca is 2 now....and in photography language, 2 = gone! :) Luca was off and running pretty much the entire session. He definitely had us all on our feet! Oh and he's also the worlds strongest and toughest baby! Not a single tear after falls AND he was showing me how he does push ups! He was such a smiler and giggler. I love this little guy! Soon Luca will be a big brother, because mama has his baby brother in that adorable little belly of hers! :)