Ready For 1st Grade!... / by Julie Cruz

Each year before school starts up again, I do a little mini shoot for PJ's "Back To School" pics. Sticking with our yearly tradition, we did school bus shots, just like we did for Preschool and Kindergarten. I plan on doing these "Back To School - Bus Shots" up until PJ is out of high school :)Finding school buses each year hasn't exactly been a piece of cake. I have been extremely lucky at finding some right around the time I need them, but not everything has been ideal. Last year it was pretty perfect. Dirt lot, tons of buses parked in a row, sun going down behind the buses, etc. This time? A few buses cramped between business park buildings (a.k.a ugly background, half shaded, half sunny - and not in a good way....I mean the top half of the buses in sun, the bottom half in shade, etc) and all randomly parked, practically on top of each other. Luck wasn't in location/light this year.....BUT luck was elsewhere. What are the odds that one of the buses parked right in front was bus number "116"?? Yeah, location, light, etc might not have been on my side, but seeing that "116" made everything worth it :) My busy season has officially started, so I didn't take much time to edit these, but they'll have to do.

I still can't believe that PJ starts 1st grade next Wednesday! I know she's more than ready, but am I?? It's going to be a huge change going from 3.5 hour Kindergarten days to full 1st grade days. Oh and yes, still NO sign of those front teeth! We're going on 7 months of no front teeth! So crazy.