Lilah (age 2)... / by Julie Cruz

You might recognize this cutie, since this was my 3rd shoot with her! I took Lilah's 1 year photos, as well as her 1 year birthday party photos.....and this time her 2 year photos! I love this little girl....and I hate to toot my own horn, but I must say that she loves ME too ;) The hardest part about this shoot was that she kept wanting me to carry her or hold her hand....which is quite impossible to do when you're trying to take someone's photos ;) Oh and a quick disclaimer, all of the indoor shots were decided at the tail end of the shoot....meaning only about 15-20 min before the sun was gone (hence the extra grain from cranked ISO on those) .....with an active 2 year old at that ;) Anyway, isn't she an absolute doll!??