Luke (2 weeks and 1 day old)... / by Julie Cruz

This story goes back to the year 2008. Lot116 was still new, and I was portfolio building. I knew from day one that I did not want to do weddings, and each time someone contacted me about engagement photos, I did what I still do....which is tell them that "engagement photos usually come with wedding packages, so save your money and get the whole package instead". However, Eveleen and Bob were clients of my *sister*. She had done their wedding invites, etc and they wanted engagement photos....but they were getting married in Texas (so it all worked out and I said yes since I knew it was just the engagement photos (however they did ask me about shooting their wedding in Texas, but I kindly declined since I had never shot a wedding and knew that they needed someone with experience)). Anyway, so I did their engagement shoot and we had a blast. 3+ years later, I get an email letting me know that they are expecting their first baby, and wanted me to shoot the newborn photos. Wow. What a surprise and honor to know that they came back to me after all these years! Just for are a few of their engagement shots from waaaay back in 2008 ;)

So months go by and i'm waiting to hear of baby Luke's arrival. His due date was January 3rd, I was expecting to get an email or call around mid-late December. December comes and goes, and I email around his due date to check in....and nope, he's not here yet. Can you believe that he was almost 2 weeks LATE? Yep, he took his sweet time and finally arrived on January 16th! Well i'll tell you right now, he was "cooked" to perfection. He is such a gorgeous and sweet boy.

I know the crate thing is overly done for newborns (so i've avoided them), but I saw this at the swap meet for suuuuuper cheap, and let's be honest, anything that says "Fresh" on it is...well.... fresh! ;) ...and since newborns are fresh outta the oven, it's perfect!