Birthday Balloons For PJ..... / by Julie Cruz

A few years back, (I believe on Tara Whitney's blog?), I saw the adorable idea of sneaking a bunch of balloons into your kiddo's room while they slept, so that on the morning of their birthday, they would wake up to a room full of birthday balloons. I thought about doing it each year, but thought she was either still a little too young (I was always afraid one might pop in the middle of the night and scare the bejeezus out of her! LOL)...or forgot. Last year for her birthday at school, I brought in balloons for each of her classmates (along with popped popcorn in little carnival style popcorn bags). So this year, I wanted to get the most bang for my buck, by using them to surprise her....AND handing them out tot her classmates. I finally did it! I made sure to order the balloons with "Hi-Float", which makes regular balloons last up to 25 times longer (and yes, ours are still up....and I got them on Thursday evening). I wanted to make sure that they would not only last throughout the night, but also throughout the day and until it was time to pass them out. With Hi-Float, I knew they would last. Anyway, I picked up the 30 balloons (26 for classmates and a few extras, just in case any popped (which one did) and for her to give to a few of her friends who aren't in her class) on Thursday night after she went to sleep. I won't lie, I felt like Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible) while sneaking in 2 balloons at a time...trying to be as quiet as possible (and why is it that when you do that, you feel SO loud? You can hear your heart pounding, your breath (as if you were running), every body part cracking and squeaking, etc HAHAHA. Luckily, she slept through each of my knees, toes, etc cracking, the sound of balloons "hitting" the ceiling, me tripping over the ribbons a few times, the camera, etc. Here is a shot from my little point and shoot (in pitch black, so this was with the flash going off....which again, she slept through about 10 shots of flash ;)).....and you can see, she's fast asleep (with Gilbert (her giraffe) of course) in her bed ;)

Anyways, she LOOOOVED it and said it reminded her of "Up" (and like my previous blog post mentioned, she of course thanked me for them many times throughout the day :)). At lunchtime, I took her to lunch with me, and then we ran home to pick up the balloons. I only had about 2 minutes to snap photos because we needed to get back to school, but it was long enough to get the shots I needed. I just love balloons :)

....and of course, we had to do another jumping shot (like last year) before heading in the car (the balloon strings weren't working with her jumps...but oh well) :)