PJ and June... / by Julie Cruz

For our 3rd year in a row, Cindy (of Orange Turtle Photography) and I have taken our "babies" out for spring/Easter photos. If you missed last year's, or the previous year, you can see them *here*, *here* and *here*. I must say that now that PJ is older, a feel a lot more comfortable with her holding June. Each time I see photos of kids (especially toddlers and babies) with little bunnies (or any animal, actually), I feel really bad for the animals because babies, toddlers and some kids don't understand how fragile these little animals are, and i've heard stories of animals getting hurt and/or even killed just for the sake of "spring photos". Definitely not ok in my book. June (Cindy's bunny) was adopted from the San Diego House Rabbit Society years ago. She is by NO means a "prop". She is "family" :) June is very much like a dog or cat, and I've never seen a bunny so well behaved and sweet (and yes, growing up, we had 3 bunnies (one of whom we called "Killer" because it was crazy mean! LOL). PJ just adores June! Anyway, we had a blast at this shoot! We ended up having to move locations twice (one was WAY too windy, and another closed), but it ended up working out great and giving us a good variety of looks/location :) Plus, PJ was super excited that the "Dandelion Meadow" that she drew on the map kind of existed (tons of flowers)! Hahaha. Hopefully we can keep the annual "PJ and June" photos coming for many more years :) Oh and yes, Cindy even made June her very own aviator cap ;) This shoot was a little mix of adventure, treasure and of course one of my favorite movies, "Up". On that note, here is one of my favorite parts of the movie (with the names changed, of course):

PJ: What are you doing!? Don’t you know this is an exclusive club? Only explorers get in here! Not just any kid bunny off the street with a helmet and a pair of goggles! Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Well, do you?? June: PJ: All right, you’re in! Welcome aboard!