All The Way From San Jose... / by Julie Cruz

This awesome family flew down for a vacation/photo shoot all the way from the SF Bay Area. I love, love, LOVE sessions like these. They were up for anything and everything. This included sitting on dirty floors, letting their kiddos have ice cream *before dinner*, getting super messy, having a late dinner (after the shoot), getting sandy and wet on the beach, etc, etc. Despite all of the "torture" I put them through, there was never a complaint, weird look, etc. Everything I suggested was followed by a "Sure! :) or "Of course!". That makes my job so much easier.....and let's be honest, kids have WAY more fun when they aren't forced to sit/stay/smile/stay clean. Photo shoots should be FUN....and kids should remember running around, playing, having ice cream, etc. Clothes can be washed, bodies can be bathed, dessert before dinner can be quite a treat.....and in the end, it's the memories captured that you and your family will remember. If you want fun/happy/carefree pics, stray away from the norm and live a little ;) Colton will be 4 next month, and is such an adorable charmer. We had many conversations about superheroes, and flies wearing polka dot ties. I can guarantee that Colton will remember having a FUN time at the shoot (Sorry Mara, he might expect ice cream, etc at future shoots ;) haha). He had the best time having ice cream and even more so, running around on the beach (which I believe they are at right now, since they didn't realize how much he loved it). Tanner is 15 months and immediately drew me in with his awesome eyes and adorable little pumpkin grin. Poor Tanner has some new molars breaking in, so he wanted his mama most of the shoot (minus the ice cream part ;) haha), but he did amazing considering he wasn't feeling 100% :) For sure, his favorite part was the ice cream ;) hahaha. Also, just a pre-warning....i'm posting a TON of sneaks (yes, i'm aware that this is an entire "album" for some photographers. Sorry...too many I loved) :)