Stella (age 1), a 56 Chevy, and horses? Oh my! / by Julie Cruz

Really? What more could I have asked for? A cute couple, with an adorable baby (miss Stella just had her 1st birthday party this past weekend!), a vintage truck and a barn with horses? Yes, please! Ryan (dad) has had the truck since he was 16 years old (oh and the vintage highchair was his as a baby too!)! At first they were going to drive down to a location near me, but then we decided to shoot at Ryan's grandparents house. It was far, but i'm so glad we did it there. They had a gorgeous barn with super friendly horses, and a perfect spot around the corner to take the truck shots. I love when things work out like this. Shooting at the same locations over and over gets a bit tiring for me, so I love shooting at new places. Clients/future clients, think and ask around a bit. Chances are, you might know someone with an amazing house, property, vintage car, etc that they would let you/us use for about an hour ;)