Love.... / by Julie Cruz

I first photographed this family in February of 2010. At the time, their (now) son, Jeremiah, was their foster son, so I wasn't able to post any photos of him (and trust me, I was dying to! He was, and still is, one of the cutest boys i've ever laid eyes on (and with the personality to go with the looks! He is SUCH a sweetheart!!)). I photographed them again in September of 2011, but they were still going through the adoption process with Jeremiah, so again, I wasn't able to post any photos. Luckily, shortly after our session last year, Jeremiah was officially their son...and I cried happy tears for them (after that, I posted some photos and i'm sure many of you will recognize their adorable faces from my Lot116 Facebook page)! Fast forward to 2012.... "Baby C" (who was a very sickly 6.2 2.5 MONTHS of age (!) when they took him in....but is now the most adorable and happy little butterball around!) joined the family (but since things aren't 100% official yet, I won't be posting any photos of his full face, just yet). It's looking to be official very, very soon and I couldn't be more happy for them :) As soon as it's official I will be doing another blog post just for baby C, since there are a bunch of adorable pics of him, and even MORE cute family photos with his face showing in them. Maybe mom will share their amazing, yet heartbreaking to heartwarming stories as well. They are truly one of the most amazing families I have ever met. Angels truly walk amongst us. I know that, because Kristen and Dan are some of the most amazing and selfless people I have ever met. For now, here are some of my favorites (without baby C's face showing) from my shoot with them. Everything about this shoot was perfect (ok, ok, minus the 106 degree weather, and the guy who parked his car directly in front of the "ACE" sign, ruining my plans for that spot (arrgh!) LOL). The family, the location, their wardrobe.....everything was just amazing! This shoot envisions everything that I would love every Lot116 shoot to be: Natural. Fun. Filled with love. REAL. If someone asked me what my ideal shoot was......this would probably be it. Seriously, and if you don't know where to shoot....let's go here ;) Such a rad place with awesome light!

I know I strayed from the vintage vibe here, but I did that on purpose for some modeling shots for Mr. J. He recently shot for Converse! Yep, I knew from the day I met this guy that he was model material ;)