Favorite 12 of 2012 / by Julie Cruz

Wow, 2012 just flew by! It doesn't even seem like that long ago when I was posting my "Favorite *11* of 2011"..... and here I am picking my "Favorite 12 for 2012"! It has been an absolute HONOR photographing so many of you. Some of you i've been lucky enough to photograph for years, and others I had the pleasure of meeting for the very first time. Anyway, I won't ramble any more... after all, you guys are here to see photos.... so without further adieu, here are (some of - since it was (as usual) ridiculously hard to narrow down to just 12) my "Favorite 12 of 2012" (in no particular order). Not all may be because of of the actual photo, but the *feeling* of the photo, and the emotional ties I had to many of these shoots. Thank you all, again, for the love and support you have shown myself and Lot116 throughout the years.