Visiting From San Francisco / by Julie Cruz

I feel like a broken record, but I honestly meet the most wonderful families! This awesome family was no exception. Although they brought the San Francisco weather down with them (haha), and it was cold and windy (not to mention the sun was playing hide and seek every 5-10 seconds...which is always fun when shooting manual...not! ;) haha), we had so much fun and laughed a LOT! Noah is 7, and Makena is 3...and both are SO sweet and adorable! They are totally easy going kids that had a blast running around, posing for me, being silly, etc. Makena had the serious model pose DOWN! She was SO funny! She would be smiling and giggling one second, and I would say, "Ok, model pose!"...and she would turn totally serious and work the camera like nobody's business! Hahahaha. Their mom emailed me the day after their shoot and said "Thanks again Julie! We had a great time and to prove it, Makena named a unicorn she won here at Legoland, "Julie"!".How cute is that? :) They wanted to shoot at "the rim wall", so we ended there, but started at one of my favorite fields (which is nice and green right now) :)