June/July (2013) *IN HOME* Session Special!! / by Julie Cruz

As you all know, I LOVE in home sessions. I have been wanting to do more and more of them. With the heat approaching (ok, well heck, according to yesterday's 100 degree heat, is HAS arrived! haha), what better place to shoot than INDOORS? Let's skip the heat, the bugs, the sunburns, crowds...and avoid dragging/packing a bunch of clothes, etc in the car... and shoot in the comfort of your own home. A place where your family finds love and comfort, a place where your kids are happy, themselves, and silly. NO, you don't have to have a model home. Yes, of course you'll want to pick up a bit, but no, you don't need to live in a mansion or dream home! Most people don't *think* their house is ideal for shoots, but majority of them are wrong! Yes, i've been lucky enough to shoot in some amazing homes, but I know there are SO many of you out there that have YOUR OWN perfect little home. After all, every family is different, and your photos should reflect YOUR family and YOUR lives. Soooo...... for JUNE and JULY (2013) *ONLY*, i'm offering $200 OFF of all *IN HOME* sessions!!! Yep, that's how bad i'm wanting to do more of them. I don't just throw out discounts (anyone who has been around Lot116 for the past almost 6 years knows that this is only the second time i've EVER offered any type of discount on shoots)....but yes, i'm in love with in home sessions and want to give some folks the extra push to give them a try ;)

Here are some examples of previous in home sessions that I have done (yes, I know, their homes are awesome (again, i'm super lucky to have such rad clients), but DO NOT be discouraged that your home "doesn't look like that" (heck, mine doesn't either)...again, this is about YOUR family, your beautiful children jumping around, you kissing their toes, you baking with them, you snuggling and cuddling them, etc. That's what I love most about in home sessions....they are all unique because everyone's homes are different. Variety is GOOD! ;) If you want, you can even send me pics (even phone pics are fine - just be sure to take them in the day, with natural light coming in) of your home *before* you book, if you want me to see if your home is ideal for a shoot (just to reassure you) :)