Micah (9 months) / by Julie Cruz

I love seeing my repeat clients (like the 2 newborn shoots (below) prior to this shoot, but didn't get a chance to type anything up about, since I was on a time crunch to get the new site up. Both families I have been photographing the older siblings since before they were 1 (!!), so it's amazing that I have now gotten to photograph the new babies in their families as well.), but I also love meeting new clients! This super sweet family mentioned during our shoot that they love that I have so many repeat clients and they think it's so cool that I get to see so many kids grow up. I think so too! It's one of the best parts about my job :) Hopefully i'll get to watch Micah grow up as well....and maybe even meet a future sibling one day :) Micah was SO good. Such an easy going baby, although he did try and eat a few rocks, some grass, pull his mom's earrings, his dad's ear, etc. Haha. We had a fun little shoot around the park. I hadn't done a shoot here in about 2 years!