Urban + Beach + Gorgeous Family = Awesome! / by Julie Cruz

When this mom and I talked (starting back in January) about locations, she showed me a few photos of their past 2 family photo sessions (which were both outdoors/nature), and by looking at their perfectly styled clothing, I immediately suggested an urban/street shoot, not only because I knew they would look perfect in an urban setting, but because they had already done the outdoor/nature thing twice before, so I wanted them to try something new and different (for them). After a little coaxing and suggestion of beach photos to end the shoot, she was on board...and I knew it would be awesome.  Not only did they show up PERFECTLY dressed, but they were one of the most photogenic and easy going families i've met. Jillian (4, almost 5) is her mom's mini-me. Totally adorable, totally talkative (she was a chatterbox, much like my PJ, the entire shoot - haha) and totally fun! Matteo (almost 7 months) was such a sweet and easy going baby. He greeted me with a smile immediately, and even though he hadn't napped (and ended up being woken up from a *mega* short nap from urban to the beach (so all of maybe 15 minutes, since we let him sleep a little bit while they changed clothes), he was still in a great mood. This family was just perfect.