Makala (senior photos)... / by Julie Cruz

Senior photos aren't something I typically do, but we've known Makala since she was a baby, so when she asked, of course I said yes :) I've literally watched this little girl grow up into a beautiful young woman (insert tears here ;) hehe). It's crazy to think that she'll be a senior in high school this year. It was 90-100+ degrees when we shot, I had just gotten rear ended/hit & run ON the way to the shoot....AND I rolled/sprained my ankle stepping into a big hole/ditch that I didn't see *during* the shoot (still recovering with a swollen ankle), so it definitely wasn't my luckiest day (haha), but I kept going despite the odds. Also, I apologize for the lack of photos/blogging lately. My mom has been in town (she lives out of the country, so we only get to see/spend time with her once a year or so), so on top of trying to keep PJ occupied during the summer, we've been spending time with my mom before she heads home. Shoots will be starting back up mid July :)