Love from Arizona / by Julie Cruz

It's always such a sweet compliment when another photographer books me. This gorgeous family is out here from Arizona on their annual beach vacation. We met at their beach rental and walked around town for a bit, and then ended the shoot on the beach. Hudson (8), Landon (6) and Ashton (3) rolled around the streets like they owned the place. Despite their ages, they knew to stop at every sidewalk end, and zipped around on their rides like complete pros (I couldn't believe how quick little Ashton was!). They were so awesome and sweet, and of course SO darn adorable! When we arrived at the beach it went from full blown sun (not to mention very crowded), to crazy clouds, in no time (crazy how the weather at the beach can be so unpredictable). We went from full sunshine to gloom within minutes, but regardless, this family was a blast to shoot!