Addison Mae (8 days old) / by Julie Cruz

I always tell my newborn client/parents to give me a heads up either when they are headed to the hospital, have had the baby, or have just gotten home, that way I can get an idea of my schedule during the next two weeks and can email them available dates as soon as I can. Melissa texted me to let me know that they would most like be having the baby "today or tomorrow". Long story short, not only was it was the same day my sister in law was admitted to the hospital to have my new nephew, and not only was it the same hospital..... but it turned out they were just 3 rooms away from each other! Haha. How's that for crazy? :) The little ones were born just about 12 hours apart from each other. Such a small world! Addison definitely goes down in the books as one of the easiest babies i've ever photographed. No matter if we moved her from cocoon, to blanket, to dish, to basket, to chair, to rug, she just went right back to sleep each time. Only one feeding break the whole time....and she didn't pee/poop/spit up on any of my props! Hahaha. Such a good girl! That's definitely not the norm though ;) ...but i'll take it! Addison's room was SO darn cute! I absolutely LOVED the wall color (and the little fox on the chair!). Oh and at the "tail end" (pun intended - hardy har har) of the shoot, we had the pups join us for some shots. They snorted, licked and wrestled all over the place. It was pretty hilarious.