Happy campers / by Julie Cruz

If you've been around my blog/Facebook for a while, these beautiful faces will be more than familiar to you. I promised this mama I would only post a *HINT* of this session (so that I wouldn't ruin the surprise of their holiday cards).....but trust me, I WILL be doing another blog of this session once their cards are sent out, because it is just too much awesomeness to miss!! ;))) This was my 4th shoot with them within the past 3 years (you might remember their rad shoot from last year). Well this year they brought the radness like nobody's business...AGAIN! Broken record time..... I HAVE THE BEST CLIENTS EVER!!!! :) On top of only being able to post a few, I also couldn't post any showing their littlest guy's face. If you read their story from last year's session, you can see why. C will officially be theirs in *hopefully* about 8 weeks....and trust me, as soon as it's official, you better watch out, because there will be extreme cuteness coming your way (guess this works out anyway so that I can do one *official* blog post with ALL the goodness then!)!!!! I love this family inside and out! Seriously, they are the BEST! :)