Emilia (6) and Paulo (3) / by Julie Cruz

I had my first shoot of 2014 the other day, and of course, after weeks of gorgeous, hot, summer-like weather and sunshine, the day I had a shoot, the sun was nowhere to be found. It's ok though, the weather was still nice, and I had a wonderful time with this beautiful family. Emilia and Paulo were some of the smiliest kiddos I have ever met. From the second they stepped out of the car, to the minute they said goodbye, they were smiling. I had a harder time trying to get any serious shots out of them! Haha. The funny part is that more than halfway into the shoot, as I was saying something to Paulo, Emilia giggled and said to me "Umm, he only understands spanish" (after that, his mom told me he only understands a very small amount of english right now). Yes, that's when I realized that I must be so funny (or so funny looking!) that even though he had pretty much no idea what I was saying, he still thought it was hilarious and was cracking up at me ;)  These two cuties were awesome for me!