Waiting for Lincoln (maternity photos) / by Julie Cruz

This sweet and gorgeous mother to be had contacted me back in October about holiday photos, but unfortunately I was already booked for the rest of the year by then, so I passed along some recommendations for other photographers, and next thing I knew, she contacted me again at the end of December to let me know that they found out they were expecting and wanted to book a maternity session! It's always heartwarming to me when a client tries to book with me again, even if I wasn't able to accommodate them the first time. I wish I could post the first part of this shoot as well, because it was done at their home, which had perfect light and beautiful decor (and Marybeth looked gorgeous!), but those were more intimate photos, so we won't be sharing those with the world ;) You'll just have to trust me on this one that they were really, really beautiful. Oh and Bruno (their rescue pup (beagle/min pin)) is SO cute. He is so mellow and relaxed and just so sweet! I love him!!!

We ended the shoot at the library, and although one of the main rooms we wanted to shoot in was closed (and another we waited for quite some time to finally get a couch we were hoping to use in another room), it's a cool place. It was sooooo quiet on certain floors and in certain areas though, so even tip toe'ing seemed loud! Haha. We definitely had our laughs throughout the shoot, but one of the cutest moments was when we got on the elevator and this little girl who was probably about 5 years old said to Marybeth "I like your baby!" ...."Your necklace is really pretty too". It was just too cute for a little one to say "I like your baby", considering the little guy is still in her belly :)

I can't wait to meet baby.......