10 years later / by Julie Cruz

What better reason for family photos than a 10 year wedding anniversary? This cute couple was celebrating 10 years of marriage the day after our shoot and we had a great time (minus some pesky bugs). Their daughters Melia (6, almost 7) and Miley (2) are adorable and so sweet! Melia is a chatterbox and seems more mature than 6. I honestly kept forgetting that she was just 6 because she was so easy going and silly. Miley wasn't quite sure she wanted take pictures when they first arrived, but with a little bribery (hey, at age 2, you gotta do what you gotta do!), she was easy as pie in no time ;) It's a crazy week for me (I had a shoot Sunday, this one on Wednesday, I have another tomorrow (out of SD) and another on Tuesday (also out of SD)...and keep in mind I usually only try and schedule 4 shoots per MONTH....not per week, so sneak peeks will be a bit less (especially during the next few weeks (or summer) so that I can try and keep afloat (my poor kiddo is going a bit stir crazy being home while I edit, so i'm still trying to take *some* time off and do things with her for the summer). Bear with me! :)