All the way from New York / by Julie Cruz

This beautiful fellow photographer contacted me last July to set up this session for her super sweet family while they were in the area on vacation. Since all of the beaches are so crowded right now (being summer in So Cal), we decided at the last minute to shoot at their hotel (the St. Regis Monarch Beach in Laguna), which worked out great since they had private beach access. There was NO sun that day (well literally for all of 5 seconds (you'll see it on ONE shot below haha (the 2nd one) and it was totally overcast (which worked out well for a less crowded beach, but I prefer some kind of sunlight in photos). We still had a great time and laughed plenty :) Their boys Niko (11), Kishan (9) and Shay (5) were so easy going and modeled it up for me :)