Take me out to the ballgame / by Julie Cruz

Do these cuties look familiar? Of course they do....because they are in the blog post right below! Yep, this family loves me so much that they booked 2 shoots with me within a 3 week span ;) haha. One for Matthias' 1 year photos, and this one for their annual family holiday photos (which is why I won't post many)! This location was supposed to be the location for the previous shoot (and the location for this shoot was supposed to be somewhere awesome as well (which I won't say, in case we do that next year)), but things with this location got a bit crazy, so we had to skip the other location and use it for this shoot instead (which worked out great anyway (especially due to the heat). We had the place to ourselves for a bit, and it was pretty cool being walked through the tunnels, being in the dugout and out on the field. The session ended up cut a bit short (long story, but a little one who wanted nothing to do with staying still (baby Godzilla was on the loose for sure! haha), unexpected white and black tarp and hoses on the field, a security guard, and 90+ degree heat ;) haha).