A Land Rover Defender + a gorgeous family / by Julie Cruz

This was my 4th year in a row shooting this amazing family......and seriously, i'm always a sucker for a rad vehicle thrown into a shoot! As always, I showed up and they were dressed perfectly, but this year they weren't sure to shoot, and they decided at the last minute to shoot up around their neighborhood in Laguna Beach. We definitely scrambled for locations (you should have seen up driving and speed walking from place to place haha), and lost light quickly towards the end, but we still got plenty of beautiful shots and definitely had our share of laughs. Oh and I got permission to post a "holiday card"-esque shot! :) I'm sure many people look at my blog/site and wonder if I take any photos where everyone is looking/smiling. The answer is yes. Although it's not always my favorite (I prefer more lifestyle shots, which is why I don't showcase those type of photos), especially around this time of year, I do try and make sure to get those shots. Oh and yes, I get plenty of smiles from everyone as well, but just like rad vehicles, i'm a sucker for serious model poses....and trust me, these kids can rock them like nobody's business.

I take this shot of them every year ;)