A late holiday post from Lot116 / by Julie Cruz

I posted these on my Lot116 Facebook page, but wanted to post here as well. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Our holiday card this year.... This was another 5 minute shoot just in front of our house. No snow or sleds here.....so in SD, we make-do with skateboards ;)

New Years card... Since there was snow up at my sister's area (Temecula!) on New Years Eve, we headed up to check it out. In between throwing snowballs, making a "snow cat" (instead of a snowman) for her teacher...who loves cats, and writing names in the snow, we did a "New Year's shoot" even faster than our holiday card shoot. Yep....30 seconds and done :) haha...and I didn't even bother to edit the photo at all.