Olivia (6 months) and family, visiting from Houston, TX / by Julie Cruz

Before I start with this beautiful family, let me first apologize for my lack of blogging since mid-late January (eek!). I always take time off around the holidays (Christmas/New Years), but after that things got crazy. Besides shoots and PJ going back to school after winter break, I was prepping for a trip (getting shots, buying/packing, etc), my husband was gone on a work trip for a week, PJ started club soccer (which means practice twice a week, as well as tournaments), PJ did a few shoots for Old Navy (which meant many days up in LA), then I was gone to Thailand (Krabi and Bangkok) and Taiwan (Taipei) for 17 days on vacation. When I returned it was nearing the end of the school year and I was the room mom for PJ's class, so there was a lot of planning to do for Teacher Appreciation Week, end of the year field trips, activities, and of course our end of year party. On top of these things, I also had my nephew's high school graduation/party, plus all of my regular daily life stuff....so yeah, I apologize, but planning to get back to the swing of things :) Back to this gorgeous fam....

Adorable Olivia and her family were in town visiting from Texas. During the week of their vacation, it happened to be during "non San Diego weather". We had very unusual weather due to a storm off of the coast of Baja, so instead of our typical sunny skies and dry heat, we had days of on and off torrential downpour, constant gloom/overcast, heat, and worst of all....humidity. Our friend was here and staying with us from Seattle, and I joked that he and my clients brought their weather with them!

Anyway, luckily on the day of our shoot we didn't get any rain, but the gloom, heat and humidity was still in full force. Thank goodness these clients were used to this kind of weather and didn't let it bother them. I arrived at their hotel room and they were dressed perfectly. I've mentioned before that I LOVE when people dress up for shoots, so when I arrived and they were dressed up, it was so perfect. They looked awesome! Little Olivia isn't sitting up quite yet, so that stage can be a little tricky, but she was such a trooper throughout the shoot and gave us lots of smiles. We ended the session at the beach (and the weather had gotten even gloomier there, complete with an overlay of ocean mist/fog), and not too long into it, miss Olivia fell fast asleep in her daddy's arms. It was the perfect ending to our shoot.