Noah, Makena and Hunter, visiting from San Francisco / by Julie Cruz

The last time I photographed this sweet family, Hunter was still in their mama's belly! Somehow they managed to be down here during the hottest week ever, so in between having fun at Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc....they scheduled to squeeze in a shoot with me :) It was about 100 degrees that day, and the weather also called for some rain at our original planned location, so we scrambled to find another location in a nearby area that didn't call for rain. It was a little tricky since i'm not super familiar with shooting locations up in Orange County (most i've done have been at clients' homes or hotels), but luckily a friend of mine suggested a park and it worked out fine. Now again, I should mention it was about 100 degrees that day. Hot was an understatement ;) We knocked out the family shots first (in fall attire I might add haha), and then quickly let the kids change into cooler clothes, run wild and have fun. Honestly, there was no way stopping 21 month Hunter anyway. He is by far THE fastest 21 month old i've EVER seen. I told them that I was calling it.... he WILL be running track or using those running skills to run the bases soon enough (since they are huge baseball fans). That boy is QUICK!