Dapper at Disney with Philip (5) and Matthias (2) / by Julie Cruz

I'll start with saying that this shoot definitely was a stressful one for me. Normally it takes me less than an hour to get to Disneyland. For some crazy reason this day, traffic was *horrendous* and long story short, it took me over 3 HOURS to get there and in the park. It was insane! Our shoot started late, we were running out of light quickly, and to make matters worse, it was one of the busiest days at the park ever (no joke, they ended up shutting down the park because they reached capacity!...so it was lucky that I even made it in)....and about 100 degrees to top it all off. Luckily my amazing clients were more than understanding (and were having some delays of their own), but yes, it was a crazy one. I've been photographing this family for years now, and even took Matthias' newborn photos :) Matthias (being "two" haha) wanted nothing to do with photos that day, so it was definitely tricky, but somehow I managed to squeeze in a few. Mom informed me that also to top off this chaotic shoot, later on back at the hotel they found out Philip had a fever. Poor guy! He was awesome though. He showed no signs of not feeling well during our shoot and did great, so none of us had any idea. Despite the craziness and many snags, I think we still got some great shots. Not sure how we managed with literally thousands of people, 100 degree heat, close to no light and a feisty toddler....but hey....we did it ;)