Owen (4) and Zoey (2) / by Julie Cruz

These two cuties have definitely grown since last year. It was another almost 100 degree day (seriously, I would LOVE for the cool weather to come to San Diego any time now because shooting in this crazy heat is not enjoyable for anyone! haha), so my client opted for a location that not only had more green (since most other locations are dried out from the drought and lack of rain), but provided some shade as well. Amongst about 10+ other shoots going on and a wedding, it definitely was a busy day there (as always), but our main challenge was little Zoey. 2 can be a tricky age, and Zoey let us know that she didn't want anything to do with photos. Luckily we tricked her into many, despite her hardest efforts (hehehe). I won't post any of the possible "holiday card" shots, but yes, we did get plenty. Sorry Zoey, we won this round ;) Owen...oh Owen....that little guy is such a heartbreaker.