Avery (11 days old) / by Julie Cruz

I've been waiting a long time to photograph this little one. Allison and Jeff are like my sister and brother....they are family. They are "Aunt Allison" and "Uncle Jeff" to my daughter PJ, and i've known them since middle school or high school. Our families spend holidays together, we've watched each others families grow, and we started the best tradition of "Dynoooomite" which is when we have family potlucks to hangout, but choose different food themes each time (we've had everything from southern, chinese, fair food (all fried and other stuff you would find at the fair), mexican, korean, seafood, etc). When we got the news that they were expecting, our families pretty much went crazy! We are all so excited that Avery has joined the family! She is one of the smiliest newborns ever! Not even in these photos, but when they sent us photos from the hospital she was smiling in almost all of them! It was so cute! She is such a little cutie! The weather was so hot (still is...acck) that we were able to shoot outside a lot, and they also wanted to use a painting (that my sister painted) from their wedding which was actually their "guest book" (each guest signed a leaf to add to the tree). Their pup (Prado) joined us for some photos as well :)