Desert nomads... / by Julie Cruz

Another one of my "infamous" Lot116 families.... my sister, my brother in law, my nephews (Mason (11) and Isaac (9) and my doggy nephew (Gizmo - who is a Frenchton (French Bulldog/Boston Terrier)! Last year we didn't end up shooting since their GTO wasn't ready yet (and then my sisters and I headed out of the country for Thailand and Taiwan), so we've been talking about doing this shoot since they got their Land Rover Defender (1986 LR Defender 110 SW V8) over the summer, but we always shoot in January for her Chinese New Year cards (plus it's when my sister and I finally have some down time). What I didn't know is that this location (which I hadn't been to in a loooooong time (about 2 years!)) had become way more overgrown than before.....AND had construction going on. It's not a location close enough to go scout, so we made it work. We did some serious off roading to get to spots, but had a good time and lots of laughs :)