6 Years Old..... / by Julie Cruz

*sigh*Our little girl is 6 today (at 12:50pm to be exact). I still can't believe it. Sure, she acts like she's 16 already, but she's still our baby....and will always be :) Although she drives me insane a lot of the time, she can also be the sweetest little cuddle bug as well. I absolutely love cuddling with her. Hopefully she'll never be too old to cuddle with her mama. Her personality is a mix of crazy, hilarious, bossy and silly (the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree ;) haha - she's a perfect mix of Mark and I)....and she's too smart for her own good. She's always trying to be funny. Sometimes she genuinely is....and other times it just gets her in trouble. Anyway, I could spend all day writing about her, but I won't bore you to death ;)

We didn't throw a big party for her this year (because we leave for the Bahamas in a couple of weeks and I knew it would be too much time/stress/money, etc....especially right before vacation), so this past weekend we threw together a last minute family brunch/potluck (PJ's request - since she LOVES breakfast) at our house with our families. We had an amazing spread of food. Everything from biscuits and gravy, hollandaise sauce, shaved ham (all from Mama Kat's Restaurant and Pie Shop, of course!), poached eggs, scrambled eggs, blueberry french toast bake, breakfast potato casserole, 2 types of french toast casserole, english muffins, toast, bagels, fresh fruit, donuts, traditional filipino breakfast foods (garlic fried rice, longanisa, etc), bacon, etc.....as well as milk, juices, mimosa's (for the drinkers - haha) and a whole coffee bar set up. It was an awesome little potluck and turned out so great (especially for last minute!). I found some cheap decorations (b-day banner on clearance for $1.98 and 1 dozen balloons for $8.99) and threw together some cupcake picks (scrapbook cut outs on clearance for $1.58, which I taped flat toothpicks onto) and we were good to go. Everyone ate, chit chatted, played Kinect, kids ran wild, we watched PJ open her gifts, sang her happy birthday, she spent some time painting a canvas in the backyard with her new paints that Aunt Katie bought her (along with a gazillion other art supplies) and then (like I mentioned on my Facebook page on Saturday night), I figured we should put those balloons to use and do a quick mini session before the sun went down. We grabbed a dress, threw it on, threw a clip in her hair and ignored the leftover chocolate cupcake on her face. For a 5-10 minute unplanned shoot in our street, it turned out pretty well :)

Ok, sorry for rambling. Here are a few pics. Some I messed with (edited), some I didn't. I didn't even have time to add borders, etc (still working on some stuff for her b-day at school, etc today), but I figured something was better than nothing :) Many of you have "watched" PJ grow up.....and if so, thank you for sticking around ;) If you haven't, hopefully you'll be around for her 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, etc b-days as well ;) xoxo - Julie