From The Land Of Sunshine / by Julie Cruz

If you were around last year at this time, you might remember pics from a shoot with PJ and a bunny named June. June is the super sweet bunny of my friend, Cindy, of Orange Turtle Photography. We decided to do another spring/Easter shoot with the girls....and I think we'll be doing this for years to come. It's just too much fun....and adorable as heck. On our way to meet Cindy and June, PJ said "I can't believe it. My dream is finally going to come true. I get to have a tea party with a real, live animal!". She cracks me up. This time around we had no sun, less teeth, shorter hair (with bangs that didn't want to stay to the side - lol), etc, but it was still super fun and I personally love the missing teeth. I don't have ONE single photo from my childhood where i'm missing i'm making sure to capture PJ in all of her toothless glory ;) Soon enough the mangled and crooked adult teeth will start popping in, so i'm more than happy with toothless for now ;) It doesn't matter much anyway.....June was CLEARLY the star of the show. She is just SO cute...and GOOD! She never once tried to run off or anything! She is very much like a cat....she just hangs out :) I love that bunny! If you or anyone you know is interested in a bunny, please do NOT just buy one because it's cute or "Easter-ish". Learn and read more about them, and if you would still like one..... ADOPT one (like Cindy did with June and her other bunnies, BunBun and Hops) from the San Diego House Rabbit Society (or your local shelter). June was not borrowed or bought just for photos/props.....she is a spoiled rotten and loved to pieces, pet. No, make that family member :)

I also took some shots of June & Cindy........

......and a shot I totally copied Cindy with ;) I just love how the flowers pop up :)

I also took a few other shots of PJ, but i'll post those next week sometime :)

Thanks for looking! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!