Wyatt (almost 4 months) and family... / by Julie Cruz

I knew this little guy would be a sweetheart before I even met him. How did I know? Well, he was born on Valentines Day....so I knew he MUST be filled with LOVE! Wyatt definitely didn't disappoint. From the minute I saw him in his carseat, he gave me a big smile....as if to say "no worries, lady....even though i'm not even 4 months old yet, i'll take it easy on you and give you lots of smiles"....and he sure did :) The weather on the other hand, wasn't on our side. It was gloomy and overcast with random sunshine here and there (keep in mind, I shoot in manual, so every time the lighting changed from sun to dark to sun to dark (which at some points felt like every 2 seconds haha), I had to scramble to change settings). Anyway, this family was so sweet and adorable and although I normally don't shoot many 3/4 month olds....Wyatt definitely changed my mind on this age. Besides the ability to sit up just yet (which means being held and/or propped up the whole time), he was perfect in every way :)