A baby on the way by Julie Cruz

This beautiful mother to be wanted greenery (since she's from Las Vegas and there isn't much out there)....so greenery was what she got! Around this time of year (dry/heat/summer), my favorite green locations are all gone, so we revisited one of my (very) past "dreaded" locations...but honestly, they made me kind of love it again. Luckily they wanted more of the green and none of the usual "popular" (crowded) spots (which we saw plenty of other photographers and their clients at), so it was perfect. I can't wait to meet their baby boy soon......

Waiting for Lincoln (maternity photos) by Julie Cruz

This sweet and gorgeous mother to be had contacted me back in October about holiday photos, but unfortunately I was already booked for the rest of the year by then, so I passed along some recommendations for other photographers, and next thing I knew, she contacted me again at the end of December to let me know that they found out they were expecting and wanted to book a maternity session! It's always heartwarming to me when a client tries to book with me again, even if I wasn't able to accommodate them the first time. I wish I could post the first part of this shoot as well, because it was done at their home, which had perfect light and beautiful decor (and Marybeth looked gorgeous!), but those were more intimate photos, so we won't be sharing those with the world ;) You'll just have to trust me on this one that they were really, really beautiful. Oh and Bruno (their rescue pup (beagle/min pin)) is SO cute. He is so mellow and relaxed and just so sweet! I love him!!!

We ended the shoot at the library, and although one of the main rooms we wanted to shoot in was closed (and another we waited for quite some time to finally get a couch we were hoping to use in another room), it's a cool place. It was sooooo quiet on certain floors and in certain areas though, so even tip toe'ing seemed loud! Haha. We definitely had our laughs throughout the shoot, but one of the cutest moments was when we got on the elevator and this little girl who was probably about 5 years old said to Marybeth "I like your baby!" ...."Your necklace is really pretty too". It was just too cute for a little one to say "I like your baby", considering the little guy is still in her belly :)

I can't wait to meet baby.......

Cristian (10 days old) by Julie Cruz

When I first met this super sweet family, Kayden was just 7 months old. Kayden just turned 3....and is a big brother now! Little Cristian (ok, well not so little, since he was close to 9 lbs when he was born!) was one of the easiest newborns i've met. He was the perfect model for me, and the only thing I could have asked for that day, was better weather! It was gloomy out (but the sun popped in/out) and it even sprinkled/rained a bit during our shoot. Luckily it was warm out, so Cristian seemed to love it.

Quick Update On Booking Schedule for 2013 by Julie Cruz

First things first, my blog will be quiet this week....but for good reason (more on that later this week or so). I am sharing one photo from a newborn shoot this past weekend, just because a post is always better with a photo (and because Chloe and Lilah are so darn adorable) ;)

In the meantime, I just wanted to give a quick update on my current booking schedule for 2013. As of now, here is what the remainder of 2013 is looking like for Lot116.


For those wanting "holiday photos", I highly suggest grabbing a September spot a.s.a.p. I do have clients that shoot in September (and some even in August) for holiday photos, and get them out of the way (which is also great so that it's not as rushed/stressful along with the holidays).

For June, July, August, I would especially LOVE to do some more in home sessions. NO, you do NOT need to have a "model home". In home sessions are about YOUR family, YOUR love, YOUR kids being kids, YOUR home, YOUR life. I also have some other ideas that i've been wanting to try at some in home sessions, so email me if you want to talk more about it :) I would love to meet your family!

Email me at julie@Lot116.com a.s.a.p to book for 2013 (or even 2014....those bookings have already started as well). Once i'm booked, i'm booked :) I look forward to meeting you (as well as seeing many of you again!)! xoxo - Julie

*BOOK NOW* - 2013 Fall *MINI* Sessions by Julie Cruz

I know it's only March, but I have clients who always book this far in advance for Fall, so i've already gotten emails asking about *FALL MINI SESSIONS*. Truth be told, I almost didn't offer them this year (it's a lot of work to figure out and plan around schedules of so many families (between jobs, sports, parties, weddings, etc, etc...as well as the dreaded issues of what happens when mother nature decides to take over and rain or whatnot (meaning having to RE-schedule and re-do it all over (haha)....BUT....I have so many wonderful families that asked me to do them, so I will be doing them, but ONLY offering 3 days this year (and only 3 spots vs 4 per day). Sooo....here we go! :)

MINI session DETAILS: PRICING: $475 (session *AND* disc of all edited images) *30 minute session for up to 2 people ($30 per additional person(s)) *Approximately 15-20 images *Access to online password protected gallery for proofing, sharing with friends & family and ordering. *DVD with all professionally edited images in high resolution & print release (where you are free to take wherever you like for prints, holiday cards, canvases, gifts, etc).

*SUNDAY* - September 28th - *URBAN/STREET* 3 2 1 spot available ***ALL BOOKED*** *SATURDAY* - October 19th - *FIELD/OUTDOOR* 3 2 1 spot available ***ALL BOOKED*** *SATURDAY* - November 2nd - *FIELD/OUTDOOR* 3 2 1 spot available ***ALL BOOKED***

To book one of these spots, please email me at julie@Lot116.com

Here are some photos of each “type” (meaning these might not be the EXACT confirmed locations I will choose, but possibly) of location:



Wishing you all the best by Julie Cruz

.....and because I couldn't decide which photo I wanted to use, my husband was awesome enough to mock up two versions for me ;) So here is the other version as well....

Thank you all for another amazing year. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday season. xoxo - Julie

A Mama And Her Babies... by Julie Cruz

We talked about this shoot for ages, and i'm so glad it finally happened. This is how all shoots should be. Loving, silly, adorable, not posed......and most of all....FUN! Add a gorgeous mama and her two beautiful 2 year old twins, and it's a recipe for perfection :) Because of nap times, we started later than I had hoped when shooting indoors (it was around 5pm, so it wasn't quite as bright as I would have liked), but it ended up working out pretty well, considering :) We started out with snuggles (since the babies had just woken up) and jumping on the bed, followed by baking some brownies, and then ended the shoot....where else? .....the bathtub! Lindsay, Ivy and Finley, I hope you had as much fun as I did, and thank you for trusting my vision and allowing me to capture these moments for you.

Out Of The Office.... by Julie Cruz

I will be out on vacation until Monday - April 11th, so please note that if you email me, you will not hear back until 4/11 or later. If you would like to book a fall mini session (or any session for that matter), please DO send an email, because I will be booking spots in order of emails received, when I return. Thank you!! :)

Wanna see what I like? Wanna know more about what I love? by Julie Cruz

Then CLICK HERE to find me on *Pinterest*!Pinterest is a cool site where you can make different boards and "pin" photos that you like. For instance, I have boards called "What I would LOVE my clients to wear to shoots" and "Stuff I love".

If this looks like something you are interested in, I have THREE invites to join Pinterest left. If you'd like one, just be one of the first 3 people to comment and let me know :) Hope to see you over there!

Keep A Breast *giveaway* WINNER is.... by Julie Cruz

CONGRATS MAKALA!! I will be emailing you soon :)

I'm so happy that this amazing basket will be going to someone who has already BEEN supporting Keep A Breast for quite some time now.

Thanks to each and every one of you who left a comment are helping to spread the word about a great cause. Please CONTINUE to do so. Too many lives have been lost. It's time to help save the world (wow, so superhero-ish, right?) one person at a time.

XOXO - Julie

Don't Give Up On Me Just Yet by Julie Cruz

Ok, so I know i've been on vacation for a long time now, but don't worry, I have my first shoot of 2011 this weekend! I was supposed to have one this past weekend, but it was pushed out to a later month (which worked out fine since we had our "Second (although technically it was my 3rd) Christmas" with my family at our house yesterday since some family members were out of town, etc for Christmas. Anyway, THANK YOU for sticking around and not giving up on me. Lot116 will be "back to normal" very soon. I must say that it's been pretty nice not having to "work" since the first to second week of December. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job, but we all need a break sometime and since I haven't had a nice long break in YEARS, I owed it to myself and my family to take a much needed month off. Now of course I have still been booking shoots and the whole email stuff, but actual shooting and editing has been beyond sparse. It's ok though, I think Mr. Camera needed a little break too. During my time off I have still been keeping pretty busy. I have been helping out in PJ's class a few times a week (the week before Christmas break I helped every day (because her poor teacher lost her voice) and it was quite rewarding to watch the kids do their Christmas performance which I (along with their teacher) helped them practice for each day. As you can see, even when i'm not working, i'm still "working" with kids. In all honesty, if I wasn't a photographer, there's a good chance that I might have gone into teaching. I love working with kids. I also love the fact that I KNOW each and every single kiddo in PJ's class. I know each and every one by name, I know each of their personalities, etc. I love the excited looks on their faces when they see me. I love that they ask me every time they see me whether i'm staying to help for the day. I love that when we break into groups and they are told they are in my group, I see smiles and hear "Yes!!". Although i'm not a "teacher", it's still rewarding to watch these kids grow and learn. Besides school, PJ started ballet last week. She had been asking me for quite some time now, so it was one of her Christmas presents. I got a little box and put in some leotards, tutus, tights, ballet shoes and a little note that said "You start ballet class in a few weeks!". She was thrilled and was so excited to start. Her first class was on Wednesday and she LOVED it. Here are a few (not so great) photos I snapped that day.....

I know this shot is blurry (I was literally outside of the room, shooting through chicken wire mesh on the glass) but I love it anyway....

Just in case you thought I was kidding ;) haha....

Ok, so I rambled in this post (what's new?), but yeah, stick around, I promise it will be worth it.

In the meantime, if you are looking for an awesome place to learn more about photography (whether it's how to use a camera, how to start your own business, how to deal with taxes, what to wear for shoots, etc), click and join......

***ALSO*** enter the coupon code FRIEND for a 20% discount off of any new subscription! :)


If you make your way over, be sure to find me. My user name is julieoflot116 Hope to see you over there!

Book Now - MINI sessions for February and June by Julie Cruz

Many of you have asked about mini sessions, so here are my first set of MINI session offerings for 2011! I will announce the Sept/Oct/Nov mini sessions later on, but for now, here are some dates for February and June.

MINI session DETAILS: PRICING: $450 (session *AND* disc of all edited images) *30 minute session for up to 2 people ($30 per additional person(s)) *Approximately 15-20 images *Access to online password protected gallery for proofing, sharing with friends & family and ordering. *DVD with all professionally edited images in high resolution & print release (where you are free to take wherever you like for prints, cards, canvases, etc).

Saturday - February 19th *FIELD/OUTDOOR* - Zero spots available Sunday - June 5th *URBAN/STREET - One spot available

To book one of these spots, please email me at julie@lot116.com

Here are some photos of each "type" (meaning these might not be the EXACT confirmed locations I will choose, but possibly) of location: