Take me out to the ballgame

Do these cuties look familiar? Of course they do….because they are in the blog post right below! Yep, this family loves me so much that they booked 2 shoots with me within a 3 week span ;) haha. One for Matthias’ 1 year photos, and this one for their annual family holiday photos (which is why I won’t post many)! This location was supposed to be the location for the previous shoot (and the location for this shoot was supposed to be somewhere awesome as well (which I won’t say, in case we do that next year)), but things with this location got a bit crazy, so we had to skip the other location and use it for this shoot instead (which worked out great anyway (especially due to the heat). We had the place to ourselves for a bit, and it was pretty cool being walked through the tunnels, being in the dugout and out on the field. The session ended up cut a bit short (long story, but a little one who wanted nothing to do with staying still (baby Godzilla was on the loose for sure! haha), unexpected white and black tarp and hoses on the field, a security guard, and 90+ degree heat ;) haha).

Matthias turns 1!

This shoot didn’t go exactly as planned ;) It was supposed to be at a different location, but there were a few huge wrenches thrown into the plans the day of, so we had to nix that location and almost rescheduled altogether, but mom decided that she still wanted to shoot that day and we would save the other location for their other (family) shoot in a couple of weeks. I normally don’t shoot at this location anymore, but we needed somewhere quick, and somewhere that provided shade (since it was another very hot day) and grass/cushion (since Matthias is a new walker), and since we were just hours away from the shoot, we went for it. Luckily it worked out well and Matthias and big brother Philip did GREAT! Here are just a few sneak peeks from that day.

Lukas (2 weeks, 2 days old)

I knew this little guy would be adorable before he was born, just from meeting his parents at their maternity shoot. What I didn’t know is that he would decide to be late ;) haha. Yes, like my previous newborn client, this little one decided to take his time as well. He was a hungry little guy most of the shoot, but did great and even gave me a big old smile. Oh and the chair he’s on in one of the photos was MADE by his daddy!!

…and Ardyn makes 5

I thought for sure that this sweet little girl would arrive early, being the 3rd and all. But nope, she was quite comfy in there and decided to be a few days late instead. Big sister Mackenna (5) was such a little model the whole time I was there. She hammed it up for me and loved having her picture taking! Middle kiddo Curran (almost 3) tried to play hard to get, but did great as well. Adryn (8 days old) didn’t sleep a wink (maybe the last few minutes of the shoot), but she was sweet as can be and such a doll.

Visiting from Chicago

What a busy summer it has been! I’ve seen repeat clients, met new clients, and have even had the pleasure of being hired by other photographers from New York, San Francisco, North Carolina, and this time Chicago! Francine, Rob and their girls came out to San Diego to vacation a bit before they send off their oldest daughter to college in Atlanta, GA in the fall, and also to celebrate their 20 YEAR wedding anniversary (this year)! Their beautiful girls Lilly, Alexa and Bella were perfect and so sweet. We laughed a lot and I was honored that they chose me to be the photographer to capture their family together for the first time in over 6 years!