Summer lovin’ with Sydney (8.5 months)

Adorable miss Sydney is an early sleeper, so we needed to shoot a lot earlier in the afternoon than I usually do to make sure we had a happy girl before she was ready to go to bed for the evening. With a few more teeth coming in, she did surprisingly well and showed off her cute smile and hand clapping for me. Their pup Coco joined in on the pics as well (I always love that). Here are just a few from our fun session at their home :)

A session in Orange County with Sophie (4)

The last time I saw Sophie, she had just turned 2. Sophie is 4 now and is gorgeous as ever! She was a teeny bit shy/nervous at first, but in no time she was giggling, posing and doing great. I had a wonderful time with this family. Mom is super sweet, and dad is hilarious, so shoots like this one are always fun and easy going (and their outfits were perfect!). We also took a few birthday photos in celebration of Sophie’s 4th birthday. You don’t only have to do a “1 year smash cake” photos….cake (or cupcakes, etc) can be fun at any age….and every age is worth celebrating! Sophie loved it….especially licking the icing off of her finger :) Oh and this awesome family had also just returned from a trip to France and brought me some goodies! So sweet! Thanks again!!

Vacationing from North Carolina

What are the odds that 2 photographers from out of state booked me for the same week….and both happened to be staying at the St. Regis Monarch Beach in Laguna? Pretty crazy, right? This shoot was on a weekday, so it was a lot less chaotic on the grounds than the previous shoot. We started the shoot in their room and then headed out to the beach. Again, unfortunately there wasn’t any sun out, but this super sweet and adorable family and I had fun and enjoyed having the beach pretty much all to ourselves. Chandler is 5, but oh my goodness, such a little crack up. I swore he was more like 20. Such a little gentleman and so funny. Claudia just turned 2 and is such a sweetie. She didn’t want to touch the sand or water at all, so she decided to stay nice and safe in daddy and mommy’s arms at the beach ;)

All the way from New York

This beautiful fellow photographer contacted me last July to set up this session for her super sweet family while they were in the area on vacation. Since all of the beaches are so crowded right now (being summer in So Cal), we decided at the last minute to shoot at their hotel (the St. Regis Monarch Beach in Laguna), which worked out great since they had private beach access. There was NO sun that day (well literally for all of 5 seconds (you’ll see it on ONE shot below haha (the 2nd one) and it was totally overcast (which worked out well for a less crowded beach, but I prefer some kind of sunlight in photos). We still had a great time and laughed plenty :) Their boys Niko (11), Kishan (9) and Shay (5) were so easy going and modeled it up for me :)

10 years later

What better reason for family photos than a 10 year wedding anniversary? This cute couple was celebrating 10 years of marriage the day after our shoot and we had a great time (minus some pesky bugs). Their daughters Melia (6, almost 7) and Miley (2) are adorable and so sweet! Melia is a chatterbox and seems more mature than 6. I honestly kept forgetting that she was just 6 because she was so easy going and silly. Miley wasn’t quite sure she wanted take pictures when they first arrived, but with a little bribery (hey, at age 2, you gotta do what you gotta do!), she was easy as pie in no time ;)

It’s a crazy week for me (I had a shoot Sunday, this one on Wednesday, I have another tomorrow (out of SD) and another on Tuesday (also out of SD)…and keep in mind I usually only try and schedule 4 shoots per MONTH….not per week, so sneak peeks will be a bit less (especially during the next few weeks (or summer) so that I can try and keep afloat (my poor kiddo is going a bit stir crazy being home while I edit, so i’m still trying to take *some* time off and do things with her for the summer). Bear with me! :)