A Little FAQ and Summer Break Post... / by Julie Cruz

As you might have noticed, it's been a few weeks since my last shoot. I did have one shoot pushed out a few weeks, but I did purposely NOT schedule any shoots for this week because of PJ being out of school (her last day of Kindergarten was the 16th). I also try not to work on 4th of July weekend since we are always with our families during that time. It's been nice to have a little "summer break" to start out the summer. Of course my breaks aren't always fully "off" though. I'm still scheduling shoots (see below), working on editing, burning/packaging/mailing discs, replying to emails, collecting deposits, etc. Besides all of that, I HAVE been enjoying some nice time off as well. PJ and I have spent a few days up at my sister's house hanging out and enjoying their pool, we've gone to the beach with family and friends, we've had lunch dates with friends, gone to a birthday party, sold a bunch of her outgrown clothes/shoes (for those of you in San Diego, check out my friend Jenn's store called "Love Child" in Encinitas. They buy/sell clothing, etc....and if you go within the next few days, you might be lucky enough to score some of PJ's outgrown (and/or never even worn!) clothes ;) haha), hung out at my other sister's house, hung out (and had AMAZING pictures done - be sure to check out her blog and leave some love!) with a friend of mine who was out here from Atlanta (Jen Wright), etc, etc. Needless to say, so far the summer has gotten off to a super fun and relaxing start! :) But don't worry, shoots start up again late next week (and I have a little shoot with PJ planned for later today), so my blog will be "alive" again starting today ;)

In the meantime, here are some answers to my most recently asked FAQ's:

Q: We are thinking of doing another set of family photos next year. Is it too early to book anything? A: It's never too early in Lot116 Land ;) I book really far in advance (especially more-so now that I am taking on less shoots than previous years), so the earlier the better. I already have a good amount of bookings for 2012, so no, it's definitely not too early. In fact, I recommend booking early (and i'm pretty flexible with dates, so even if you book a date, i'm usually fine with moving it around a bit as long as other dates are available).

Q: Do you have any more sessions available for this year (2011)? A: I'm completely booked up for full sessions, but I DO have 2 *mini sessions* left. The info can be found HERE (and I will update once booked).

Q: I'm not sure what we should wear for our upcoming shoot. Any advice? A: Clothing can depend a lot of location, weather, etc, but if you check out my Pinterest page HERE, I have 2 categories called "What I would LOVE clients to wear to shoots" and "Awesome clothes for kids". Both of those boards have "dream outfits" that I would love for clients to show up in. I'll try and add more soon as well :)

Alrighty, time to get off the computer and head out to shoot in a little bit. Here are some photos of miss PJ from last week (and yes, still no sign of her front teeth...5 months later (haha). I shot these while Jen was shooting her (while also trying to keep PJ's hair out of her face, change her clothes, kill mosquitos, and not get in Jen's way LOL). Ohhh my little GUMmy bear.....

Oh and she started doing some russian dancing "da da da da...da da da da da da da...HEY!"

Oh and since a few people have asked about her outfits:

Orange/red dress is from ZARA Kids

Brown rounded boots (worn with orange/red dress) are BORN brand (but I scored these on SUPER clearance at Marshalls for $9.99!!...I did NOT pay the usual retail price of $114+).

Creamy white apron dress was a vintage item from ETSY. Scored it for $13!!

Navy blue tank top with lacing (worn under apron dress) is from H&M.

Brown cowboy-ish boots were from TARGET last year.

I'm a crazy shopper....BUT i'm a BARGAIN shopper! Hope this helps! :)