Taylor (and Chase!) In Wonderland... / by Julie Cruz

When this mama contacted me back in February to book this shoot (themed for their joint b-day party invites) , I knew it would be fun. I mean, after all, how can anything Alice In Wonderland themed NOT be fun!? I was already excited for the shoot, but got even more excited when I found out that Janina of The Sugar Rush Shop would be helping to bring a table and a ton of adorable things to decorate the table with! While Janina set up the table, everyone else helped get the lanterns up, kids dressed, etc. What we didn't expect was a windy day (those lanterns wouldn't stay still or in place for anything! haha) and broken fishing line just as we were almost set to start shooting (they ended up having to use 3 fishing lines vs one to be safe). Since the lantern string needed to be re-done, we lost a lot of light, but it still worked out pretty well :) Now if only Chase didn't decide to take another nap half way into the shoot..... ;) haha. Without further adieu, check out these two adorable kiddos in their very own "Taylor and Chase In Wonderland" themed shoot :) If this was just the shoot, I can't wait to see party pics!