Early Halloween Post on this "Monsterly Monday"... / by Julie Cruz

Why so early you ask? For starters, on Halloween day, I will be helping out in PJ's class for their class party (Room Mom duties call :)), as well as of course, trick-or-treating with PJ, but also because I have another crazy week (more helping in class, more shoots, a husband going out of town for work, my dad and also my best friend staying the weekend with us, pumpkin carving, etc, etc)....so it was sort of "now or never". Plus....truth be told, I was excited to post ;) PJ has had quite a few fun costumes throughout the years. Anything from an Octopus, to a skunk, a cheeseburger to Batgirl. Well this year she threw me for a loop and said she wanted to be "Mrs. Frankenstein". I wasn't sure where she had come up with that, but it turns out it was from a movie we had seen earlier this year (Judy Moody And The Not Bummer Summer). Instead of the costume looking like the character in the movie, she wanted the real deal Bride Of Frankenstein look, after perusing Google with me. Oh and what are the odds of her choosing to be The Bride Of Frankenstein months ago....and then splitting her ear in half at school and having to get stitches across her ear by a plastic surgeon last month? ;) Too bad the stitches are already gone...they would have gone great with the costume ;) haha.

We didn't want to go the cheesy "pre-packaged" route, so I found a dress on Ebay (for $7!), boots from H&M (for $19.95 - which she'll use not only for Halloween, but for regular wear as well) and some stockings ($2). Originally we were going to have our dear friend, Jess (who is an amazing make-up artist and works for Mac) do her make-up, but we had planned for today....and then realized we had a Halloween party to go to this past Saturday night. So rather than try and ask Jess to come up at the last minute, and also to avoid an extra day of trying to do this all again (on top of the party, her school Halloween party and Halloween night) Mark and I attempted to do her make-up and hair ourselves. Let's just say that we have a WHOLE new respect for make-up artists and hair stylists ;) haha. We didn't do too terribly....and it was definitely good enough for pics (and for her to win a prize for "Scariest" costume at the Halloween party on Saturday night), but take it easy on us. First timers here! ;)

So about an hour before the party, PJ and I headed to a location that i've been wanting to shoot at for a while now. There used to be a house there, but it was recently torn down, so there is just some leftover fencing, etc around the place (for now)....and just has that somewhat creepy feel. The best part is that as we left our house, there was this crazy marine layer of fog coming in. So yeah....turns out we got a "free fog machine" (hehe) which made for an awesomely spooky effect. Last but not least, PJ was totally "in character" (just like last year when she was Batgirl), which worked out perfectly since honestly, The Bride Of Frankenstein doesn't smile ;) ....especially not with multiple missing teeth (LOL)! She had a blast being Mrs. Frankenstein (and collecting pinecones for her class afterwards). Anyone that knows PJ, knows that this is the polar opposite of her real personality. She is a silly, goofy and crazy kiddo....but if there's one time of year that you can totally be someone else... it's Halloween! We totally nailed the creepiness factor this year (and all in only about 15-20 min!)...........