My Kind Of Session... / by Julie Cruz

I knew as soon as I received an email with a photo showing what the kiddos would be wearing, that this was going to be a fun shoot. This awesome family was in town (from Torrance) for their son's 4th birthday and had emailed me back in July about booking a session. Julie (mom) is also a photographer, so it's always humbling when another photographer books me. Andrew (just turned 4) was one of the easiest 4 year olds i've ever met. He was SO easy to photograph....and a total giggler. His smile is infectious and he is such a sweetheart :) Baby sister, Emi (4.5 months), preferred to be in mama's arms...but my oh my, what an adorable little chubster! They told me that she is always serious, but luckily we got a few smiles out of her! So, back to the title of this blog post... "My Kind Of Session". This definitely was my kind of session. Barely any posed shots, just fun, natural, full of REAL smiles, laughs and silliness. Lifestyle/candids are my favorite! After all, they show what is real...not what is forced. The icing on the cake was the awesome colors they wore. It definitely added that "pop" and gave some color to the super gloomy/drizzly morning we had! :)