In Home Session / by Julie Cruz

I love in home sessions.....for many reasons. Besides sunlight (since of course, you want good, natural light coming in), weather isn't a much of an issue. You don't have to worry about other photographers or people showing up to shoot there (nor photos looking the same as others). Kids are always more comfortable at home, in their own natural environment (on location, they of course are curious, anxious to see the new stuff around them, etc, so it's not always easy to get their attention). There are many other reasons, but on top of it all...... how cool is it that one day these kids will be able to look back at photos of the home they grew up in? This family was amazing. They were so sweet, easy going, up for anything, and just adorable. On the day of the shoot, I didn't know, but their littlest guy, Austin (5 months), happened to come down with a cold that morning, so when I arrived, the poor little guy had watery eyes, a runny nose, the whole nine yards.....BUT, can you believe that he was still smiley and there wasn't a single tear from him the entire shoot?? What an absolute trooper! Speaking of trooper. I had no idea until after the shoot (later that night), that his dad was sick as well! He was by far one of the most easy going, helpful, nice, and up for whatever, dad's i've met. I made sure to let him know that, and thanked him for being so awesome. Big brother Charlie (2) greeted me with a smile as soon as I walked in. He definitely had the most camera time since Austin wasn't feeling so well and had a few feeding breaks, but he didn't mind at all. He loved the camera...and the camera loved him! I'm so glad their super sweet mom found me! They were absolutely wonderful to work with.....and their house was amazing as well. I wanted to live in their bathroom!! :)