Urban *mini* session with Ella (almost 3) and Audrey (1) / by Julie Cruz

Last year when I saw these cuties, Ella was all over the place, and Audrey was only sitting up at the time (which made things pretty easy for me (hehe). This time, Ella was a total ham, but Audrey only wanted mommy and daddy during the shoot (and didn't want them to sit, didn't want to take solo photos, didn't want to take photos with Ella, etc). Luckily we still managed to get shots, but like I tell most parents....we can hope/dream up all the shots we want, but in the end, the kids run these shoots, so no matter how many tricks, bribes, etc we have, we can only do so much (especially with mini sessions) ;) I think the 1-2 age is a somewhat tricky one though. Stranger anxiety has kicked in, on top of not being able to full vocalize what they want, so things can get frustrating for little ones. Don't worry though, I *DID* get family shots where they are all smiling, as well as other cute shots...but again, tis the season for me not to post too many teasers so that I don't spoil holiday cards ;) Here are just a few from our shoot :)