Elijah Phoenix (10 days old) / by Julie Cruz

This guy is pretty special to us. Why? Because he's our new nephew!....and PJ's new baby cousin! My brother in law and his wife just had their first baby, and what a tiny little guy he is. Even now, at just over 2 weeks old, he is still just under 6 pounds. Elijah only slept for maybe 5 minutes this entire shoot (when he was in the basket, on the table), so he definitely didn't make it easy for us (haha). Funny, since every other time I see him, he's ASLEEP (like last night)! Any other time i'm there (without a camera), he's asleep, SMILING in his sleep, totally content, etc. Figures, right!? ;) Luckily we were still able to sneak in some shots....and even got their first babies (the pups - "Peanut" and "Butters") to participate ;)