At home with Brooklyn (almost 2) / by Julie Cruz

I know i'm going to hear it again. "Seriously, do all your clients live in model homes?...and are they all models?". Haha. I honestly am extremely lucky when it comes to having such awesome clients. This was my first shoot with this family, and like many other clients of mine, they not only were adorable, but they had an amazing home as well. Their custom built home was their first baby, and then came Brooklyn, their gorgeous little girl. Brooklyn will be 2 on New Years Eve and and is such a little doll! We originally had planned to start the shoot at home and then head down to the beach (which is just a block or so from their home), but it ended up being a completely gloomy, very cold and overcast day (zero sun... so yes, the ISO was cranked for lighting indoors), so they decided we would just stick to home. We had fun at home playing with Brooklyn and just letting her be her. After all....there's really no telling little ones that age what to do... you just go with the flow and let them take the lead :)